Meetings for Leaders

Well-prepared board members are critical to productive meetings that move your organization forward.


Board members need instant access to all meeting content so that they can engage in meaningful discussions and to make informed decisions. BoardSync's software for board meetings makes it easy to compile and access all of the necessary documents, data, and paperwork.

Eliminate the time wasted searching for paper files, emails, postings and various folders. With BoardSync, board members have all of their need-to-know information at their fingertips, so they can hit the ground running at every meeting.

Eliminate Menial Tasks. Get More Done.

We've been working with meeting preparers for years, so we know how much time it takes to manually create an agenda packet.

BoardSync's board meeting software instantly eliminates all of your tedious manual tasks so you can focus on the important stuff. With our agenda management platform you can spend less time in front of copy machines and chasing down signatures, and more time serving citizens.

Empower Staff, Maintain Control

BoardSync's agenda software focuses on ease-of-use.

All processes are consistent, repeatable, and offer an intuitive way to submit items for approval and packet inclusion, all within administrator-set access limits. Deep user security provides each staffer with only the functions they need.


Deliver Packets to Any Device

The days of lugging around massive hard-copy packets are gone.

Whether your board members prefer to use a desktop, laptop, tablet, Android or iOS phone, by using our meeting management software they will be able to easily access and manage meeting content. With BoardSync's mobile-optimized agenda management software, board members can access, view, annotate, and comment on packets in the office, at home, or on the go.

Have one or two board members that still require paper packets? Our meeting software makes it easy to print paper packets at any time.

Public Engagement with Meeting Data

BoardSync supports open government. Our agenda management software makes transparency and disclosure requirements for meetings an effortless task.

All public meeting content is instantly and automatically available once the agenda and packet is published, and email notices are automatically sent. Our powerful platform makes it easy to understand key metrics by using our dashboards to track and analyze how the public is utilizing the system.


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